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The Whole Brain Power: Golf system, developed by Michael J. Lavery, enables golfers from all skill levels to significantly improve their performance whether it is casual rounds of golf or tournament play. The major tenants of the Whole Brain Power system are easily incorporated into the golf program based upon the demands for fine and gross motor skills coming from both sides of the body and emanating from both sides of the brain. Lavery’s own personal journey into the game of golf has been documented and the skill sets which he developed at driving the golf ball for his iron play and the short game were witnessed by many people. These people originally doubted that he could significantly improve at the game of golf since he took up the game at the age of 43.

Lavery took his ideas, which originally started with playing the game of tennis ambidextrously, to the game of golf and initially upon his quest to become a good golfer. He started hitting golf balls from both the left and the right side and concluded that when both hands are taken to another level of motor skill intelligence, the two hands in collaboration improved ball striking skills, whether it’s from the tee, the fairway, or the short game. At this point, it was the hammer drill training and the penmanship enhancement that took Lavery’s game from that of a bogie plus golfer, down under the score of 80, and then eventually under the score 70. He was invited to participate in ESPN Top 10 Plays and made an appearance on the David Letterman show. From this point, he was offered sponsorship for his golf game by Aliso Viejo golf club. Management believed in Lavery’s Whole Brain Power methodologies, and they gave him the opportunity to play golf daily. Lavery’s game significantly improved. This caught the watchful eye of many golfing enthusiasts who then started asking Lavery for Whole Brain Power coaching lessons which is one of the reasons this book has been published.

The methodologies prescribed by Lavery were immediately used by many golfers from all walks of life. Their stories are extraordinary to say the least. Several golfers who witnessed Lavery’s phenomenal hand-eye coordination feats elected to consult with him to enhance their golfing expertise.

Lavery has worked with professionals and top-flight amateurs as well as your weekend warriors. All utilizing the system have claimed tremendous benefits to their ability to control the “flow state” while they are playing the game of golf. Lavery uses both the Focus Band™ technology to prove his theory about how outside of the box technologies, such as the three tenants prescribed in the Whole Brain Power system, have direct applications to playing golf. Review the success of Robert Twine and visit our website to hear some of these success stories and audio files which have been presented by Whole Brain Power: Golf practitioners.


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