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Perfect Penmanship: Standard Kit


Detail handwriting kit filled with plentiful pages to trace and develop your brain with.  Experience the joy of beautiful, cursive handwriting.



The Perfect Penmanship: Standard Kit was published as a direct result of Whole Brain Power practitioners needing a better guide to significantly enhance their penmanship skills. Lavery’s idea of creating a handwritten penmanship manual takes what Austin Palmer did back in the early 1900s to another level. He creates the templates to which people can trace over his fine penmanship skills while learning the stroke production. The forward slant and the consistency of the tight loops and angled lines combined with the lead-in stroke is missing from many contemporary cursive handwriting programs.

Lavery believes that the fluidity factor of doing the loop drills and the Boustrophedon (Greek) methodology of writing in alternating sweeps significantly raises the motor skill capacity of most individuals who happen to be right-hand dominant. There are also many classic cases of practitioners who start out as left-hand dominant hand writers and, using the alternate sweep mirror imaging technology, eventually start to write predominantly with their dominant hand in the easier left-to-right pattern in which the pen is being pulled.

One of the suggestions Lavery makes to all clients is to investigate the Focus Band™ technology which incorporates EEG scanning of the brain to conclusively prove that the penmanship moves the brain from its normal slightly anxiety prone state to the more contemplative relaxed mild euphoric. This is called the flow state, achieved by “mindful maximization of the moment.” Lavery’s methodology of combining the “cool, calm, and contemplative way,” along with “the mindful maximization of the moment” can best be manifested through the Perfect Penmanship system.

Please visit our website Perfect Penmanship to look at samples of handwriting and review some of the studies that have been conducted, proving that cursive handwriting far enhances the processing by which the brain is able to assimilate information as well as being able to readily retrieve it for academic performance. Functional Magnetic Resonance Image testing is absolutely proving the efficacy of the ambidexterity that is required to do the Perfect Penmanship system, for all students are encouraged to write with either hand and in either direction, especially utilizing the “alternating sweep” Boustrophedon methodology. This is this by far one of the greatest mental gymnastics a person can do in the comfort of their home.


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